One Hundred


One Hundred


Grape varieties: Bovale (Muristellu).

Production area: Anglona (SS), Sardinia, Italy.

Soil composition: soil which tends to e loose and medium textured with a good limestone base. Drainage is excellent through the year.

Altitude: 150 metres above sea level.

Climate: always well-ventilated. Temperate and warm in the summer, with decisive day-night temperature swings. It is never really hars during winter, becoming milder thanks to marine currents.

Production for hectare: 7000-8000 kg/ha.

Vine training system: spurred cordon.

Plant density: 4000 piants/ha.

Harvest date: second week of September.

Vinification: the fully rypened grapes are harvested manually, destemmed, crushed and let to macerate in temperature-controlled tanks. During this phase, frequent but brief pumpover takes place, favouring the passage of more noble and sweet compounds into the must.

Aging: 100% steel.

Development in the bottle: 7-10 years.

Colour: very intense ruby red.

Bouquet: dried violet, widh hints of mediterranean, red and black currants, notes of blackberry.

Taste: full, warm and soft, full-bodied, well structured.

Food and wine pairing: medium too fully ripened cheeses, pecorino, parmesan cheese, asiago cheese, ham, speck, roasted meat, grilled and baked. Served at temperature of 18°C.

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